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Remote working instructions at PVpharm

  • Post published:April 7, 2020


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, PVpharm decided that all employees should work from home. Only under special circumstances it would be allowed to come to the physical offices.

We would like to share with the community our rules, our tips, so everyone can benefit of this learning.

Please, stay safe at home, try to avoid going out. Protect yourself and the rest of the society. It is a matter of civil responsibility and public health. Follow the recommendations of the Government and the WHO.

Remote working instructions at PVpharm

1 – Stay focussed and committed with the assigned responsibilities. Also, please respect the hours of work, you can log the hours also in the online application.

2 – Every day, from Monday to Friday there will be a Team Meeting at 9:30. The meeting will be with camera so please get dressed properly and be ready for the meeting (using the pyjama during working hours is a bad habit to avoid :-).

3 – Project managers to set up daily/weekly meeting with the team if needed. Use the camera again so it will be almost like being at the office! Specifically, Literature Team to meet every day to stablish priorities and coordinate the workload.

4 – As you know, some people has recently joined us. Please, coordinate and involve these people in the activities. We are a great team! For the members who has recently joined, if you have doubts when performing a task (reviewing an article, etc), please use Teams to ask the colleagues. You can use the chat, the camera or call functions. We need to try to simulate we are all together at the office.

5 – Make an extra effort to communicate with the colleagues. Don’t assume your colleagues don’t have doubts or don’t need your help, better ask them if they are fine or need something from you.

Remote working instructions at PVpharm

Please, feel free to propose or suggest any idea to improve this phase of remote working. Again, remember to be at home most of the time, not only during working hours but also afterwards. Try to avoid getting ill. Protect yourself.

Be responsible. We can do it!

Thank you very much for your collaboration!