You are currently viewing PVpharm’s team returning to the Office: Lessons learned from remote working under COVID-19 restrictions

PVpharm’s team returning to the Office: Lessons learned from remote working under COVID-19 restrictions

  • Post published:June 19, 2020

After a period of working from home because of the COVID-19 situation, we are happy to announce the re-incorporation of the PVpharm’s team members to the Almería office (HQ).

The team will be back in the office by Monday 22nd June, after a period of full remote working initiated in April following the instructions of the Spanish Health Authority and the WHO recommendations.

PVpharm office during remote working period of COVID-19

During this remote working period, we collected a number of lessons learned from remote working. We would like to share with the community some points:

  • Communication is key. During the remote working period we have been increasing the number of team meetings. Every day we had a daily morning meeting with all team members to coordinate the work to be done. Also the number of remote meetings and interactions with our clients and partners has been increased.
  • Technology needs to be in place. PVpharm is using the Microsoft platform, that includes the Teams technology for remote meetings, Sharepoint for file sharing and many other tools that facilitates remote working. This technology and the use of laptop computers made possible to have smooth continuation of activities without disruption.
  • Home space for working remotely is fundamental. All PVpharm employees are working with laptops. But on top of this, our members could take their big second screens home, making the home office a comfortable place to work.
  • Respect of working hours. Working from home is not the same as working in the office, there are different distractions, people work at a different rhythm. Therefore, is very important to respect the number of working hours, so the team does not work more hours than in the office.
  • Trust. We believe our people is responsible and is committed to their responsibilities, so they will do what they have to do. It is paramount to trust the people during remote working conditions.
  • Teamwork. The team is an entity that sums up the effort of the team members. The work of each individual is adding to the performance of the team. We believe in the importance of the teamwork, also during remote work conditions.
  • New situations lead to new opportunities. PVpharm is a Pharmacovigilance service provider with clients from many locations around the world. During the remote working, the remote interactions with the clients have been enhanced, face-to-face trainings have been transformed into online trainings, internal meetings have been enhanced, we have created new tools and new processes to facilitate remote interaction, and all these is creating new opportunities.

Finally, I believe that it is also important to learn from the experience and at the same time to have fun! Don’t you think the same?