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José Alberto Ayala Ortiz selected as one of the top ten CEOs of 2023

  • Post published:August 22, 2023

We are very glad to announce that José Alberto Ayala Ortiz has been selected as one of the top ten CEOs of 2023.

Industry Tech Outlook has chosen José, a full article has been issued at the magazine website, it can be found here:

Being the CEO of PVpharm, José is a visionary and inspirational leader. He sets a clear direction for the organization’s future while motivating and uniting the organization. José’s leadership drives growth, innovation, and success, creating a positive work environment, attracting top talent, and building solid stakeholder relationships. The company has been growing in business since its creation. He also focuses on strategic planning, financial management, and decision-making to run the business effectively.

We want to become a preferred partner within PV by helping the Pharmaceutical industry to comply with PV regulatory requirements. It is very important for us to focus on our values: Excellence, Commitment, Innovation, we are Proactive, we have a “Can-do” attitude and a Positive attitude.

Some sections of the article reads a follows:

We are very proud of being able to solve our clients’ problems. When Moderna was starting distribution of their COVID-19 vaccine in Spain, we were there to help them with the local PV support in Spain. We are also supporting other Top-Pharma companies in Spain as GSK, P&G, and many others at the moment.” Regeneron came to PVpharm to seek strategic support in Pharmacovigilance; they were meeting with their top PV management to clarify several questions that were not yet answered.

“We have been helping companies like United Therapeutics, MSD, Novartis, AstraZeneca and others to audit their distributors, business partners and vendors in all geographic areas of the world,” adds José. “Some companies come to us after Regulatory Inspection, with delicate situations, we analyze and provide solutions to correct their non compliances and transform their PV operations into excellence. We have been defending several inspections with great success.”

The company also helps sponsors of clinical trials follow strict regulations and collaborates with several private and public institutions like the CMDH, the LUMC, and the University of Louvain to manage clinical safety. They recently started a collaboration with the University of Granada in Spain and created a Chair of Pharmacovigilance at the University. This will promote pharmacovigilance among the students and create awareness about this field’s importance in the community.

Besides being the Chair of Pharmacovigilance, the company has been a member of several non-profit organizations. They are committed to Science, business, and Economic Empowerment. “We are proud to be members of ISoP (International Society of Pharmacovigilance), AEFI (Spanish Association of Industry Pharmacists), SEFAC (Spanish Society of Community Pharmacists), ASEMPAL (Association of Business Entrepreneurs of Almería) and FAEEM (Business Excellence Foundation of Almería),” elucidates José. “We support Save the Children and we believe that young graduates should have an opportunity. This opportunity will be very valuable in their future career. We are collaborating with several educational institutions as well as with the Erasmus+ program.” As PVpharm continues growing in business and profitability, it is important to give back to the community”

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